We purchased a villa in APR Praveen’s Luxouria and have been living there for 3 years now. Initially when we were looking for a villa, we were looking for one with interiors completely done. Then we came across the model villa at APR Constructions with interiors done by Lakshmi Interior Designs, Mrs. Tulasi. When we looked at the villa for the first time, we immediately loved the interiors of the house and they were exactly how we wanted and expected our interiors to be. We moved in straight away and ever since we did not change any of the initial interiors. Everything was well done and durable and hence there was no need to change anything. Mrs. Tulasi understands the clients very well. She puts herself into their shoes to understand their ideas and requirements and imagine the idea of their dream home. She then meets all these expectations of their dream home. The fact that we haven’t made any changes to the interiors that were done by her in all these years prove the quality of work of her and the team of Lakshmi Interior Designs. Great work done by the team and we are fully satisfied with how the designs turned out. We highly recommend choosing Lakshmi Interior designs for your home as well.